Mello Roos Taxes: What are they?!

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What are Mello Roos?

Mello Roos taxes are additional property taxes paid in some newer communities in California. They’re named after the two state senators who passed the bill in the 1980s so that developers and municipalities could pass the cost of new construction onto the homeowners using the new amenities. These features include new infrastructure, schools, bridges, sewers, streets, etc.

These additional taxes can add thousands of dollars to your property tax bill. However, the communities where homeowners pay Mello Roos enjoy newer environments and often high-scoring new schools. You’ll find Mello Roos assessments in areas like Ladera Ranch, Talega (San Clemente), Aliso Viejo and Mission Viejo. It’s difficult to find a new community without Mello Roos.

So, how much is the property tax on a home you’re considering? You can look up the address here:

When the tax bill comes up, click on the yellow highlighted line for details. There you’ll see the breakdown of any special assessments on the current value of the home (its last sales price).

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